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The Chamber’s mission is to help persons with disabilities and their direct caregivers to form and grow businesses.

Statistics of the Month:

In 2007, 36.9 percent of working-age (21-64) people with disabilities were employed, compared with the 79.7 percent of people without disabilities. Moreover, researchers found that 24.7 percent of working-age Americans with disabilities lived in poverty, compared to 9.0 percent of those without disabilities.

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Recent  Additions:

There are several reasons why the Chamber is needed:

  1. Individuals with disabilities have historically had a high unemployment rate. The Chamber will make the formation and growth of Disability Businesses less of a challenge, so that persons with disabilities have increased opportunities to become self employed.
  2. Currently, our Chamber is the only organization in the southeast that provides a national network of Disability Businesses. Yet, there is a growing demand from the government and the business community to purchase from Disability Businesses. Our Chamber will provide a list of Disability Businesses that will satisfy this demand.
  3. Starting and growing a business takes a significant amount of time and energy.  Persons with disabilities spend a significant amount of time and energy overcoming their disabilities. Direct caregivers spend a significant amount of time and energy helping persons with disabilities. The Chamber will help reduce the time and energy needed to form and grow a business through its resources and the internal and external marketing of its Members.

This site was designed to be a marketplace for networking and locating resources that can be used to form and grow Disability Businesses. Please take a little time to navigate this website and see what is available. As with the operation of a business, this site will change regularly.

For example, we plan to add the following to this website:

Please check back regularly to see the changes to this site.

We welcome suggestions as to improvements to this site, as well as to other programs and services you would like to see us offer. If you have any suggestions, please contact us.

Very Truly Yours,

Peter A. Schoemann

Peter A. Schoemann, Chairman


P.S. The Chamber thanks the Advocacy Center for Persons with Disabilities, Inc., Broad and Cassel,  and Elizabeth Parker, Keith Casebonne and Dawn Rix in particular, for doing a great job designing this website. We could not have come this far this fast without them.

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